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Nursing Homes and Stimulus Checks

Are you or a loved one residing in a nursing home for the time being? If so, we hope you understand your rights when it comes to handling and processing incoming stimulus checks. We’d like to discuss what to watch out for and how the stimulus checks could possibly put you over the Medicaid asset limit.

First of all, what qualified you for the second wave of stimulus checks? Back in December 2020, Congress approved $600 checks for individuals who are making less than $75,000 per year. There may be a third wave of stimulus checks coming as well.

When reviewing issues with the first two waves of stimulus checks, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reported that some nursing homes were confiscating stimulus checks without permission from the residents. Nursing homes have no legal right to do this, as residents should be guaranteed their money! If this has happened to you or you’ve witnessed a similar incident, contact the FTC immediately.

Another issue at large is the impact a stimulus check might have on a Medicaid recipient’s coverage plan. Although stimulus checks don’t count as income, the Social Security Administration has given a twelve month period where individuals may be able to spend the money. If the money isn’t spent within that time period, it could directly affect Medicaid assistance. The purchases must also be noncountable assets, so a dip into stocks or separate insurance policies is out of the question.

Are you unsure of what to spend the money on? Some options include:

  • Paying off long-term debt that you may have accumulated.
  • Purchasing personal objects such as clothing, electronic devices, or household items.
  • Buying medical equipment that might not be covered by your insurance policy.
  • And more!

Unfortunately, you can’t simply put the money into your savings account and call it a day, but it’s important for all recipients to understand this. If not, it can result in big issues when dealing with Medicaid eligibility. If you have more concerns about the implications of your stimulus check, reach out to us over the phone or by email. If you’re wondering about other ways the money may be spent, we can discuss available options!


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